Guest post: Mark the presence of a startup using social media tools!

In this digital age, startups are the new cool. Gone are those days when people would hunt for jobs desperately; it’s time when people want to be self-employed, want to be their own bosses, and create employment opportunities for others! The ‘startup’ revolution is taking over! Commonly popular amongst the youth, even retired officers now…

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Guest post – 5 questions to ask a NorthEast commercial photographer by Rachel McClumpha

So you’ve checked out some Newcastle photographers websites You’ve seen some nice commercial and product images in their galleries, perhaps even met the photographer in person and you’re sure they’re a good fit for your business, so what now? What other things do you need to know before booking your session? Here are 5 questions;…

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#BeBoldForChange International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day (you may have noticed) and so I wanted to quickly write a blog post to celebrate that. Most of my clients are women (as am I!) and so celebrating women, our achievements and our general fabulousness is something that works for me! Men are awesome too – but today is…

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How to use visuals in you business communication

84% of communication is expected to be visual

Do you use imagery when you’re talking about your business? Did you know that by 2018 84% of communication is expected to be visual? That’s quite a lot isn’t it? 84% – worth paying attention to perhaps? 2018 is now not all that far away!  SO WHY IS IT THAT VISUAL COMMUNICATION IS SUCH A…

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The Importance of Logo Representation – Guest Post: Justin Williams

I remember back when my father hooked me up with my first set of graphic design hardware and software components for the old family computer in our living room. It was a small Wacom tablet and a physical copy of Adobe Photoshop (ah, the days before predominant digital subscription!) and Lord knew I had no…

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Three Self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from writing your book (and everything else in life) – Leigh Shulman

You have an amazing story to tell - finish your book. Three self limiting beliefs that are stopping you from writing.

You have an amazing story to tell, don’t you? You’ve had an idea for your book that’s been bumping around your brain for a while now. Maybe it’s a memoir or a how-to or something you know will build your authority and establish your business. But you haven’t started writing. You’re not alone. I’ve seen…

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Intentional branding. Doing it on purpose.

DO ON PURPOSE - intentional branding

I listened to a Periscope the other day (I know they’re visual, I was doing something, so I was only listening!) I can’t remember who it was, but she was talking about setting goals and her word for the last year had been “Intentional”. Being intentional is really important when you’re creating your brand, because that…

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Five ways to help your brand stand out

stand out branding

Are you struggling to make an impact? Do you feel like your business isn’t standing out enough? Here’s five tips to help you with that. ONE. Make sure your brand reflects what you’re all about.  It will really help your brand to stand out if you spend some time gaining clarity around what it is that…

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Reach your goals with your business sidekick.

If you could have a sidekick to help you crack this whole business thing, become successful, be well known as an industry leader, attract the people who you want to work with and ensure that people trust you – would you want one? Of course you would. Unless you’re the kind of person who wants…

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Adding more colours to your palette

Using more colours with your brand identity

It’s a while since I wrote about colour, and it’s such an important topic that I think it’s time to pick it up again! Colour is crucial in helping your brand become recognisable and communicating with your audience. Did you know that 84.7% of buying decisions are affected by colour and 80% of brand recognition is enhanced…

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