Guest Post: How to Get Started With eCommerce by Oscar Waterworth

There is nothing to starting an eCommerce business nowadays: the entire process takes up to a few hours tops. Nevertheless, launching an eCommerce site and launching a lucrative eCommerce site are completely different matters: everyone can do the first, but if you want to keep cash flowing in once your e-store is up and running,…

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How to easily create a branded email in MailChimp

how to create a beautiful branded newsletter in mailchimp

Do you need to send out an email newsletter? Have you altered it so that it fits your brand? This might be a controversial thing for a designer to say – but… don’t worry about it. Yes it’s nice to have everything made beautiful and branded, of course it is, but your email is not the…

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Guest Post: To brand or not to brand? by Sam Shafique

People need to know me who I am as a brand

Three years ago, I embarked on a new journey. I was a new mum, and had been financially and emotionally forced to go back to work when my baby was very tiny. My job required long commutes, mundane work and pay that was insulting considering my skills. We’ve all heard it before, right? But “just”…

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Five top tips for writing that catches your attention and leaves you Wordstruck

Banish the blank page

I was very lucky this morning to hear the amazing Michelle Nicol, a Freelance Writer at Wordstruck Writing and Training share her five top tips for writing anything with The Inspire Network. Michelle is a freelance writer, trainer and tone of voice consultant who helps businesses tell their story through words that attract attention. She’s a…

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How do I create a website for my business?

Earlier I rang a potential client who I’d bumped in to the day before, about her website. She didn’t have one, but wanted a new site so that she could sell her products on it. Deciding you want a website and then having a website is quite a big jump. There is a lot to…

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6 Reasons why you need a brand strategy (and how to create one)

brand strategy - why bother? and how

Do you have a brand strategy? A brand strategy is a document which conveys your brand vision that will inform everything that your business does. “A good branding strategy lists the one or two most important elements of your product or service, describes your company’s ultimate purpose in the world and defines your target customer.…

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Is it time to fix your brand? What a Brand Review can do for your business.

The other week I completed a Brand Review with a lovely lady talking about her very purple business and how she could create a more consistent, compelling and client attractive image across all of her social media platforms, her website and in her printed materials – especially as she was looking to niche – so…

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Five reasons why you might need a re-brand

5 reasons your business might need a rebrand

Many of my clients come to me because they are looking for a re-brand. They always have a really good reason for this, the most common one being that their image isn’t professional enough to get them to where they want to be. What is a re-brand?  The Oxford Dictionary defines a re-brand as “Change the…

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Guest Post: Are You Afraid of Being Visible? – Amanda Maynard

Branding is scary. If you are going through, or have gone through the branding process, you know what I am talking about. It’s not clowns or chainsaws scary, it’s deep-inside-truths wrestling-with-your-ego-and-self-worth scary, which can be a lot worse. Picking out colours and fonts is fun. Seeing all the pieces come together, and spending time with…

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Intentional Brand Part Two: Making your business irresistible.

be intentional, be consistent, be irresistible

Is your business irresistible? You need a brand that really works for you, capturing what you’re all about and compelling the right people to take action. Your brand should help you to stand out, inspire confidence in your business and make you feel proud that this business is YOURS – and it should be memorable for all…

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