Three Tips With...  YOU!

I can't wait to speak to you in a Three Tips With... session. Here's what you need to know:

Part one. This is how it works:

- I send you a link before your session.
- We use that to appear live in my free group on a split screen.
- we have a chat about what we’ve been up to while we wait for people to arrive and introduce you and what you do
- you share your first tip. We talk about it.
- you share your link/offer whatever you want to share to promote your business.

[This part ^^ will be shared EVERYWHERE I can social media , blog, YouTube... repurposed...]

Part two (this is the part that people will see live and for 24 hours afterwards but that won’t be shared afterwards)

- we just keep going with the next two tips and then say goodbye.

I’ll pop the video in my membership and I’ll be referring to your amazing tips and using them as a basis for content (with mentions) for a bit. The first part will be uploaded everywhere and made into a blog post/ put on YouTube for everyone to access.

You’ll get a link to the long version of the video to do what you want with. (And the short version too)

To clarify, there’s not two videos, it all happens on one and I split it up afterwards 🙂 hope that all makes sense! If not, let me know!

Email me to book your "Three tips with..."

"Three tips with..." sessions take place during term time only. Email me with your preferred date and time (10am is a really good time for engagement!)

Previously known as "Five minutes with.." these are exactly the same sessions, just renamed 🙂

Preparing for your Three tips with.. session.

What do I need from you before your session?

  • a photograph of YOU
  • a title for the session. This can be one word or a phrase, it doesn't matter as long as it gives an idea for what you're going to talk about
  • Links to your website and/or your favourite social media place. So I can talk about you in advance, and also so I can include your links next to the video.

If you're really organised then you can email these to me, if not then I'll be in touch to ask for them.

What else should you do?

  • Have your three tips ready so you know what you're going to say.
  • My happiest guests have been the ones who've created an offer. So you might like to think of something you can offer to viewers during the "telling us what you do" section
  • If you want to try out in advance then please do just ask and we can do a test.