Have a brand that stands out in a crowded field

Last weekend we went camping. We’ve been camping before, never in our own tent – and the past two years we’ve camped as guests in my friends tent with electricity and a kettle and heater (which was amazing! I hadn’t realised you could camp so snazzily) – so this year, we invested in our own…

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The hard work of consistency.

I love consistency. It’s one of my favourite words, I’m always blabbering about how important it is. And it is. Consistency is brilliant because it shows that you are reliable, always the same, always being the thing you say you are – being consistent shows that your business is trustworthy, it helps you to look…

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How to audit your brand all by yourself

From time to time it’s worth taking yourself away from your work and having a think about your brand. Does it still “work”? Is it still serving you? Does it still resonate with your customers? How has it changed? Have you done (or not done) something which isn’t “on brand” and needs fixing?   These…

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Change is not always great… but it can be worth it.


A few weeks ago I picked my kids up from school and nursery. The nursery has recently changed hands and is currently going through changes, the most obvious one being the garden where many trees have been chopped down to make room for a large pirate ship play frame, a mud kitchen and a large…

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Five minutes with… Susan Smalley: Let Your Light Shine

five minutes with susan smalley: let your light shine

How good at self love are you? Self love is all about spending time doing things that make you feel good. It’s about removing the expectation and finding space for yourself. Meditating. Journalling. Reading. Having a bubble bath. Affimations. Treating yourself. It’s about doing things that give you an energy boost. When you’re in alignment…

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Five minutes with … Robyn Broadrick: Public Speaking

Five minutes with Robyn Broadrick

I am not a big fan of public speaking – are you? I’ve done a bit of it, but I tend to talk too fast and miss things out. I need more practice really. Robyn has no problems with public speaking AT ALL and shares some amazing tips with us during her session, including warm…

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Five minutes with… Mandy Charlton: Success

How can you make sure that you achieve success in your business? There are a lot of things you could try, but one of the easiest things to do is to invest in yourself. Invest can be a scary word, but investing doesn’t always mean money. You can invest in your business through reading blogs…

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Five minutes with… Samantha Townsend: Being unashamedly YOU on social media.

How brave are you on your social media? Are you YOU? Do you have opinions and ideas and confidence? Being you is worthwhile. Why would you want to be anyone else? It’s much easier to be yourself – yet quite often we try to water that down, we’ll avoid conversations where we could state what…

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Five minutes with… Gemma Forster: The importance of a strong Call To Action.

Do you have calls to action on your website? You know, those big buttons that say things like contact me, get in touch, buy now, do this, do that! I think most of us do in some way, but possibly – a bit like me – they might be a bit subtle. A bit “if…

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I’m not creative enough to create a brand (O yes you are!)

“I’m not creative enough to create a brand” I hear this a lot, but honestly, you are. Yep. Really, Because I bet you’re thinking that a brand is just the visual stuff. The logo and the font choices and the colours. The leaflets and the pretty graphics and the website design and whilst I would…

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