Brand Bravery increases visibility.

Image of Amy on a burma bridge very high up. Text reads: Doing the things you need to do despite the things that hold you back.

Bravery is doing something worth doing in spite of the fact that it scares you. Having courage. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. A couple of years back I did the Via Ferrata Extreme in Honister. This involved climbing up and down the side of a mountain on metal rungs and a Burma bridge.…

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The way you make people feel matters.

words :how do you want people to feel about your brand? over a faded image of wedding dresses

Yesterday I helped my amazing friend with her wedding dress. We went to the seamstress to have it pinned and twiddled with to make it fit perfectly. She looks absolutely stunning in it and I feel so privileged to be able to help her with this part of her preparations. Of course it reminds me…

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Improving your marshmallows: Making your brand stronger.

marshmallow toasting in a chemanier in the garden

The other day we lit a fire in the garden and toasted marshmallows. It was lovely, something we love to do when we’re camping, but not something we do much at home.We discovered last year that toasted marshmallows are massively improved by adding melted chocolate before you eat them, so I put some squares in…

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Make intentional decisions and stick to them.

Photo of Rachel Smith, The Business Grower sat at a table with her iPad - with her quote overlayed "Success is not created by accident, success is created by intention".

This quote is from a video by Rachel Smith about how to become intentional in your business: “Success is not created by accident, success is created by intention”. I think this applies to any success you might want to achieve – you can make things happen by creating a plan of action to get you…

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Radiate your brand: RJM Photography

Image shows letters RJM woth photography underneath, multicoloured in pinks, yellow and teal. Also a photograph of the designer - Amy Purdie

Rachel is an amazing brand photographer (she took mine) and product photographer helping businesses nationwide look ever so much better. Excellent photographs make all the difference to anything you have designed. Bad photographs can ruin a beautiful website design or leaflet (sob!) – it’s worth elevating your designs and increasing their chances of success by…

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How your customers will come to love your brand.

how your customers will come to love your brand

The ultimate goal is for your customers to love your brand. How does this happen? First off, you need to love your brand yourself. This means being clear on eeeverything that your business represents and loving it. This will give you Brand Bravery and help you to show up 🙂 Then you’ve gotta find those…

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How to love your brand.

how to love your brand

Years ago, I felt a bit fed up with my business. I’d launched into it from redundancy with two weeks notice before my daughter was due to start at nursery so I’d done everything VERY quickly. I didn’t love my brand. It wasn’t really me. You see, what I’d done was take what I knew…

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10 reasons why your brand matters for your busines.

Your brand is what people say, feel and think about your business. It’s something that will happen wether you like it or not. If you’re not aware of it, then you have no control over it. If you have no control over it then the things people think, feel and say may not be the…

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Why consistency matters for your business.

Consistency is a super power

According to Apolo Ohno “consistency is a super power.” Consistency is doing the same thing over and over again so that you are fixing your brand in the minds of others. This could be when people see a colour and think of you – Ikea’s blue and yellow, MINT business club and mint green, Moira…

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Why your audience needs to love your brand

Your audience need to love your brand

It really helps if your audience love your brand. Because if they do – then they’re more likely to engage with it. With you. Because they feel like you get them. Would you rather that they loved your brand – or someone elses…? “The key to fostering true love: the discovery, and sharing, of each…

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