Is your brand guide working for you

What are brand guidelines?

Earlier this week I met up with some friends to say goodbye to one of them. She’d been a client and become a friend and had literally just closed her business the day before because she’s moving to another part of the country. She told me that she’d thrown away her brand guidelines and that…

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What is branding?

Brand with Purpose

You have a brand, even if you don’t think you do. Brand is what other people think, say, feel and remember about your business. It’s what they think you’re all about (even if you’re not). It’s the stuff they say to other people that you don’t know about (unless someone tells you later), the feelings…

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How to be brave enough to have a visible brand

four ways to up your brand bravery

I know that right now and – going backwards a bit towards Christmas – is a key time for so many of us to do reflection and goal setting. I have been doing a bit of this too of course. I know that some of you might have set goals around your brand. Being more…

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How to have as much brand clarity as Father Christmas.

Find the magic that makes your business unique. Picture of Amy wearing Santa hat, surrounded by illustrations of christmas things - candy canes, hearts, stars,

One of the benefits of branding is clarity. Clarity is what happens when you spend some time thinking about your business and understanding what it is that you’re all about. Clarity comes through thinking and deciding and finding the magic that makes your business unique. It’s there, honest. How do you find that clarity? By…

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Interview by Julie Johnson: What is branding and why does branding matter?

I work on all the visual bits for your website from the logo right up to a complete brand system. Visuals are definitely a part of branding, but branding is SO much more than that! It’s HUGE! It’s everything, that people think, say or feel about you. That first impression. How you act. Anything that…

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Your brand is you – why you need to inject more YOU into your business.

You are your brand. Your brand is you. People buy from people. People connect with other people. People care about other people. People CRAVE connection. Why do you buy from where you buy from? Or why do you aspire to buy from where you want to buy from? Me? I love buying from smaller businesses…

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7 reasons why branding is important for your business.

Before we dive into why branding matters, we should probably talk about what branding IS. Branding is… ALL the things. It’s huge. It’s what people think, say and feel about you. It’s your first impression and your 900th. It’s how you speak to people and how you act with people – and yes, it’s your…

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Graphic Design Wizardry for Harry Potter

I first read Harry Potter when I was in high school not long after it was first published and I was hooked. I read them all as they came out, but until recently I hadn’t actually seen all of the films! My daughter is really into Harry Potter – we have owls and wands all…

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Tent peg/ style guide

The other day I decided to test our new windbreak. I’d bought it for when we have a big camping trip in the summer but wanted to put it up in the garden first to make sure I knew what I was doing. It’s the kind with fibreglass poles that folds down really tiny. Space…

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Save your brand! Revisit, rescue and realise.

The other day I got my sewing machine out. The first time in YEARS (due to the foot going missing and it taking me that long to buy a new one..) I had decided to make some reusable hankies – a nice easy task. Turns out you can get 6 good size hankies out of…

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