What do you need to pull out and start using for your brand?

As if I'd send my child to school in England without a waterproof coat! Picture of raindrops and a headshot of Amy (white female, blonde shoulder length hair and green top)

The other day it was raining VERY heavily when I picked up my son from school. Puddle dodging rain. I stood in the yard and all the kids came out one by one with their waterproofs on until my son appeared. No coat. Of course my first reaction wasn’t even to say hello but to…

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Whales and snails and branding tales.

image of a colourful cartoon parrot. Words read "Form follows function" Louis Sullivan

Last week I got to draw a humpback whale, a jellyfish, a snail, a parrot, a bike and a penguin, among other things – a beautiful and colourful set of illustrations coming to a YouTube channel near you shortly! I’m really excited to see them come to life. Yes I get to do the BEST…

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What do you need to check on for your brand?

Photo of Amy (she/her) wearing a blue floaty kaftan sitting in front of a cream coloured canvas bell tent. Words read: So you need a brand review?

The Go Outdoors catalogue landed on our doormat. It’s full of tents and a call to go and make the most of sunny days! (I really hope we get sunny days when we do go camping) We don’t need a new tent. If you know me you’ll know that we have a bell tent called…

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Do you know where you’re going?

Image of Amy (white woman wearing a navy kaftan sitting on a fence - overlaid with an illustration of a compass. Words read: If you have a map and a compass you can't get lost.

Did you know that branding is an adventure? It’s an activity that results in excitement and enthusiasm. It’s a journey. It’s constantly evolving – Branding is NEVER over. It’s always happening. You can’t just whack out a colour scheme and a few templates and that’s that. Branding is more than visuals (they are part of…

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How to hide a lion: Stop hiding and find your brand bravery.

Image of a toy lion hiding behind a book called "how to hide a lion" - words read "Stop hiding and find your brand bravery"

One of my favourite kids books is called How to hide a lion by Helen Stephens.It’s about a lion who spends a lot of time hiding with help from a little girl. In the book he struggles to hide from the little girls parents because he’s too big and because he sleeps a lot. He…

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What’s awesome about you?

Picture of lego people and bricks built into a random shape. Words read: Everything is awesome.

The other day we watched The Lego Movie. It’s a cacophany of colourful confusion but it’s also quite funny and the kids think it’s great. One great quote from the film is this: “Don’t worry about what others are doing.You must embrace what is special about you.” Vitruvious. This is true of your brand too.…

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How building your brand is just like making chocolate chip cookies.

Image shows chocolate chip cookies on a plate with a recipe book and some wooden toy pans. Text reads "You need to be involved in the whole process because it's your business".

On Monday I was making cookies. Chocolate chip cookies from the Hummingbird Bakery if you’re interested. A key staple in our home along with Mary Berry’s Fork Biscuits (adapted). I make these regularly. My son (6) came into the kitchen and wanted to help, so he got the little folding stool we keep in the…

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Finding a better audience.

Girls pink wellies with ducklings next to them on the bank of a lake. Words read: chasing breadcrumbs.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Wallington Hall and there were ducklings around the lake. Tiny, fluffy ducklings. Very cute. Eight of them and their Mother. There were also two geese. The geese didn’t like the ducklings. They bit them when they got out of the water. So the Mother Duck led her…

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Brand Bravery increases visibility.

Image of Amy on a burma bridge very high up. Text reads: Doing the things you need to do despite the things that hold you back.

Bravery is doing something worth doing in spite of the fact that it scares you. Having courage. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. A couple of years back I did the Via Ferrata Extreme in Honister. This involved climbing up and down the side of a mountain on metal rungs and a Burma bridge.…

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The way you make people feel matters.

words :how do you want people to feel about your brand? over a faded image of wedding dresses

Yesterday I helped my amazing friend with her wedding dress. We went to the seamstress to have it pinned and twiddled with to make it fit perfectly. She looks absolutely stunning in it and I feel so privileged to be able to help her with this part of her preparations. Of course it reminds me…

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