Five minutes with… Phil Beardmore: Tips for Environmental Branding.

Sharing your message can be challenging. Especially if your message is one that can create feelings of guilt, negativity or fear – like making environmental change. Phil is an environmental consultant and in this “Five minutes with..” he shares three tips for environmental branding – how to spread your environmental message without being negative or…

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How to create a brand that is less confusing than Brexit.

avoiding brand confusion

Last night parliament couldn’t decide what to do about Brexit. Are we in, are we out? Do we have a deal? Don’t we? Who knows! But what I do know from my Facebook feed and from popping over to Twitter is that people are sick of there not being a decision of some sort. Even…

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Five minutes with… Laura Peel Forsyth: Procrastination

Do you procrastinate? I bet you do. Did you know there are different ways to procrastinate AND different ways to deal with it? Laura delivers some fantastic tips here to help curb your procrastination! Check her out at       If you’d like to see the full length video then you’ll need to…

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When and when not to DIY your brand

You have SO many things to do in your business don’t you? Believe me I know, I do too. But is DIY’ing your brand one of them? I believe that it’s great to work on some aspects of this on your own, but others… well it depends on you. How creative are you? What sort…

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How to be consistent

Recently I bought one of those windscreen protectors for the car. It’s amazing! Makes icy mornings so much easier, and alongside the fancy-pants de-icer I have it means that scraping the car is a two second job and we’re not going to get to school after the gates close. Smashing! There are lots of things…

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Online Christmas Party!

Did you miss the Christmas party? Don’t panic! You can catch up on it right here (it was great).   You will need: tea/ coffee/ mulled wine/ water sweet mince pie/ stollen paper and pen  <<< this is the important one 😉   You can collect all 12 gifts of knowledge, three each from myself,…

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Five minutes with… Rebecca Wilkins: Business Know How

Here Rebecca share her strategy for managing the message when things go wrong. Useful stuff because things do go wrong, no matter how much you don’t want them to – and it’s good to have a plan so that you know what to do when you need it. If you’d like some help from Rebecca…

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Five minutes with.. Louise Heaps: Ingredients for cooking up your copy

Five minutes with Louise Heaps: Ingredients for cooking up your copy

If writing copy for your business is something you always move to the bottom of your to do list then this is the video for you. Louise shared some amazing tips for this. She likens copywriting to having guests for a meal. Considering their needs and adjusting your menu, and tasting the food to make…

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Five minutes with… Amy Sunderland: Tips for business women.

Five minutes with Amy Sunderland... tips for business women

Amy shared some fantastic tips with us. The first one was all about time management, but the conversation didn’t stay there. In this video we discuss self care (so important!) and balancing business time with family time. Check it out… To find out more about Amy and LimeLife by Alcone then you can visit her…

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How to improve your brand experience

how to improve your brand experience

You’ve got your logo, you’ve got your branded imagery and fancy photographs and you know your colours and your fonts and you LOVE them. But what next? Your brand is still more than all of this. Hopefully to get to this point, you’ll have had conversations with your designer about your values and your ideal…

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