Brand for Christmas: C is for Clarity

Over December we’re looking at creating a brand. Your brand. This is what people think about you, not what you want them to think about you. So we are going to work on the branding to help shape your brand. Sign up here.


Watch the first session all about clarity in your business to help you develop your brand. I asked three questions:


  1. What do you DO and what are you REALLY selling?
  2. What do you LOVE about what you do?
  3. What are your business VALUES?


Let me know in the comments what your answers are!



Happy Christmas!






Clarity: determining what really matters
Heart and Soul Identity: deciding how your business should look
Resonating with your audience: who is your perfect client? with Kelly Cairns

Images: Tips for taking photographs for your brand with Sue Todd
Social: Creating your graphics
Touchpoints: creating an amazing brand experience

Marketing: Tops Tips with Michelle Rose
Articulate: Using words that work for your brand with Michelle Nicol
Success: Pulling it all together

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