Have you been struggling, trying to create a logo and a brand for your business yourself and not being able to get it quite right? Is nailing your business image really tricky for you? Do you feel that you need a helping hand to be able to move forward with your communication materials so that they work for you and create the right impression for your business?

I will take you on a journey through the Branding  Toolbox so that you can create a brand - including a logo - and all the communication materials that you need.  You will have a consistent business image which will help prospects to recognise you, trust you and understand what you're about, attracting the right people and creating the perceptions and experiences which you want them to have.



privacy You will receive Whiteacres' Notebook monthly and occasional other updates


The branding toolbox is a 5 month programme which takes place right here on my website - starting February 25th 2014.

You'll get access to the membership area where you can work through the videos and worksheets month by month.

There'll also be a private Facebook group where you can interact with other members, share the journey together, gain feedback, ask questions and look for help.

There'll be a webinar every month where I'll talk through any problems you're having during that month and answer the questions that you've asked.

Here's what we'll cover each month...


    This month we ask lots of questions about your business and discover what your values are, what your brand personality is, what gets you excited about your business, what the benefits you offer are and a whole host of other questions to help you get to know your business inside out.


    This month we take some time to look into your opinions on design and branding. Your brand may be for your customers, but you need to be proud of it too. We’ll also think about your prospects and what they like, and spend some time thinking about your competitors too.

    In addition, there’ll also be some trainings on important subjects that you will need to know about.


    If you don’t have a logo or want to improve the one you have, then this is the month where you’ll get to create or improve one. We’ll also be looking at everything you’ve learnt so far to make some important decisions about your brand image, and taking a look at a variety of different programs that you can use to create your logo and materials.


    Building on those decisions that you’ve already made we’ll be creating a Brand Style Guide to be your reference point whenever you need to create anything visual. We’ll also discuss imagery – sourcing and using photographs and illustrations, and also think about ways that you can implement your brand on your website right away.


    Create the marketing materials that you need! With training and templates, feedback and group support, this month it should be a doddle to pull a range of items together using your style guide as reference.

    Now you have the tools to do this again and again in the future.


When I first started planning this programme, I allowed a week for each stage of the process. When I looked at everything that needed to be included it was apparent that 5 weeks just wasn't going to be long enough. If you're taking part in this programme then the chances are that you have your own business, you might work for someone else some of the time or have small children at home and work in the evening. Whatever your life is like, it seems unlikely that you're going to be able to give a lot of of time every day to this project - and I want you to come out of this process with a brand that reeeeally works for you and your business, not with something half baked because there just wasn't the time available to give it your all. So the reason this is a five month programme is so that you can learn one heck of a lot about branding and finish after five months with a result that you're proud of. Good work takes time, if you're going to invest in this programme then you want to gain something of high value at the end of it. If we take our time and do it right, then you'll find that you walk away with something worth waaaaay more than the cost to take part.

It should also be noted that you will be acquiring different aspects of your brand on the journey which you'll be able to use right away. You don't have to wait until the five months are over to use your new found knowledge and skills!

If five months is too long for you then you could either purchase my Branding Package and I'll do everything for you in the blink of an eye - or, once you've purchased the programme, there'll be an option to fast track different parts of the programme either through my completing elements of the work for you, or purchasing one to one support to get through it all faster. This is all outlined in the members area and availability is limited. Email me if you want to check on this.


- a more thorough understanding of your business, your clients and your competitors
- a good knowledge of various design related subjects such as colour, typography and layout
- a logo which communicates what you are about, what you do and what you stand for effectively to the right people
- a brand behind the logo including various different elements
- a brand style guide which will be your reference material for creating communication materials during the programme and in the future
- a range of communication materials for print and online use which you will have created yourself using templates and gaining feedback and training
- a knowledge of how to create further materials in the future
- new skills
- new friends and contacts


If you're a small business owner dissatisfied with your current branding, a start-up or a pre-start, then this is for you. If you want to be in control of the entire process, understand your brand better, save money, attract prospects, look professional and learn how to create your own graphics over and over again, then this will help you to DIY your brand and give you the tools and the knowledge to create your own communication materials in the future.


Because YOU are the one who will be doing the work, you need to be committed to making this a priority. The programme is designed to work alongisde whatever your current commitments are, so shouldn't take a vast amount of time out of each week. Don't register to take part if you know you won't make the most of it. If you want your brand created for you then you may prefer to purchase a branding package instead.


Not at all! The programme is online, so you can work through it while I'm asleep if you wish.


Consider the cost of professional branding in comparison to this. This is a HUGE saving compared to that (see here). There is also an instalment option available, so you might find that works better for you.


Yes. Once you've signed up to the Branding Toolbox you'll be able to purchase time with me where we will work on the programme 1:1 via a google hangout discussion, or maybe I'll do a specific task for you (i.e., creating something on the computer from a sketch). You might just want to bounce your ideas and thoughts off me. You can purchase as many of these time blocks as you like (provided there's space!) at any point during the programme.

There's a high chance this won't be necessary as everything will be covered in detail during each module and I'll be answering questions in the Facebook group and the webinar, but it's good to know that this option is there if you get stuck.

Got a question about the Branding Toolbox? Send me an email.

I worked with Amy to create a new logo, brand identity and website for my cloth nappy business. Amy really spent time understanding my brand, even trying the nappies on her daughter! The result was a fantastic brand identity and logo and a beautiful website. I highly recommend her for all your design needs!

Aggie Maxwell, Grow up Green

I've worked with Amy and Whiteacres now for most of 2013. Amy designs our online magazine. Amy is one of the best designers I've come across, her work ethics are superb, the quality of her work is fantastic. I can guarantee Amy will certainly over deliver on every project. I'm a very happy customer and would recommend Amy and Whiteacres design to anyone. Thanks Amy.

Paul Wakefield, Wakefield Group

I first hired Amy to produce some promotional postcards. The results were of such high quality & delivered so quickly I was stunned at the very reasonable cost. It really felt like I was her most important client despite it being such a small job. Its always a joy & a pleasure to work with Amy, not least because she is a designer who just understands & gets it!

Thanks Amy.

Mark Starford, Chartered Architect

We asked Amy to come up with a mascot for our business (Applause Accountancy Services Limited), so that we had a consistent image we could use across our blog and social media. Amy came up with lots of ideas working around what our business did, the image we wanted and bringing in our personalities. We selected an Owl image and Amy has since produced some amazing images for us to use on our facebook cover, blogs and much more. We love them and Amy service was excellent and provided us with what we asked for and much much more. We will be using her services again in the future.


Julie Relf, Applause Accountancy Services Limited

Amy is a creative master of her craft, from the very first meeting about the concepts for my logo she strove to get to know my very core so she could come up with designs which would say everything about my personality before you met me. Amy took steps to immerse herself in my world to make the logo as brilliant and unique as absolutely possible. At every stage the consultation was a delight. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough for her graphic design work and when you tie that in with the fact that she is utterly delightful to deal with, quirky, warm and always thoroughly cheerful it makes the process of business an absolute joy and pleasure.

Mandy Charlton, Mandy Charlton Photography

Amy has provided an outstanding level of service whenever we've engaged her to carry out design work for our company. Her grasp of what we are about, and how to produce work that maintains our brand identity, is second to none. We really can't recommend her highly enough 🙂

Martin Kitching, Northern Experience Wildlife Tours