How do you feel about your brand?

Confused? Disjointed? Messy?

I've created the BrandTree which is a way of planning out your brand to give you clarity, ideas and focus for your brand.

The BrandTree provides a clear structure to show your brand in one glance, give you clarity, provide detailed information and space to plan and grow your brand from the roots up.

It's a brand clarity map that gives you a way up and out, removes the confusion and makes branding easy to navigate.

My main marketing is going to be three pronged - Facebook, networking and LinkedIn. Which I identified while doing your brand tree challenge! So thank you for that. - Moira


Amy Purdie is the founder of Whiteacres (where you are now) she can help your business become irresistible to your ideal clients so that they can’t wait to work with you.

Amy has been enjoying designing logos, brand identities, illustration, print work and websites – since 2007 fuelled mainly by tea and chocolate.


You are an entrepreneur with a passion and you just need a bit of help to show the world what you do in a way that makes sense to your audience and creates connections with them.

You probably like cake too. And tea. And you LOVE working on your business to help it become better and better.

There are three parts of the BrandTree which we'll look at and thrash out in our three hours together. 

Just like a real tree, your brand is a growing thing. It's alive, it changes and adapts and when our session is finished you'll have a tree of your own and a list of action points that you can move forward.

You'll be able to add to the tree as your business grows, ensuring that you always come back to the roots, to the beginning, to the support system that guides your branding.

If you're feeling stuck with your brand then this is a fantastic way to fix that with some one to one support. I'll also answer any branding questions you have during the session and offer email support for 14 days after our session. This will transform your brand thinking and help you be consistent and purposeful.

Create your BrandTree£180. Payment options available please ask.

Once payment is complete I'll be in touch to arrange your session. You need three hours, in person or over Zoom.

Want to ask a question first? Email me!

I’ve enjoyed focusing on my business in a little more detail, sometimes we need a prompt, so it’s really been worthwhile. I .. am putting some ideas for a challenge of my own, I’ve done some research and 3-5 days is best so my plans have altered somewhat. - Rachel