Three Self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from writing your book (and everything else in life) – Leigh Shulman

You have an amazing story to tell - finish your book. Three self limiting beliefs that are stopping you from writing.

You have an amazing story to tell, don’t you? You’ve had an idea for your book that’s been bumping around your brain for a while now. Maybe it’s a memoir or a how-to or something you know will build your authority and establish your business. But you haven’t started writing. You’re not alone. I’ve seen…

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Is your business a hungry caterpillar or a beautiful butterfly?

On Sunday we went to Cafe Church – which is like church, but with tables and chairs, tea and coffee and craft, aimed at families. Great for kids 🙂 The story this week was about Saul – who wasn’t a very nice guy but God had other plans for him and he has a dramatic…

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Poles Apart: Challenges for Business in the Digital Age

I finished this over the weekend. Poles Apart: Challenges for Business in the Digital Age – by Kate Baucherel*. The book is all about making us “aware of the risks and rewards of engaging in the lnline space, and how to reconcile the different viewpoints across the digital skills spectrum” and I think Kate does this very…

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