When and when not to DIY your brand

You have SO many things to do in your business don’t you? Believe me I know, I do too. But is DIY’ing your brand one of them? I believe that it’s great to work on some aspects of this on your own, but others… well it depends on you. How creative are you? What sort…

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How to be consistent

Recently I bought one of those windscreen protectors for the car. It’s amazing! Makes icy mornings so much easier, and alongside the fancy-pants de-icer I have it means that scraping the car is a two second job and we’re not going to get to school after the gates close. Smashing! There are lots of things…

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Five minutes with.. Louise Heaps: Ingredients for cooking up your copy

Five minutes with Louise Heaps: Ingredients for cooking up your copy

If writing copy for your business is something you always move to the bottom of your to do list then this is the video for you. Louise shared some amazing tips for this. She likens copywriting to having guests for a meal. Considering their needs and adjusting your menu, and tasting the food to make…

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How to improve your brand experience

how to improve your brand experience

You’ve got your logo, you’ve got your branded imagery and fancy photographs and you know your colours and your fonts and you LOVE them. But what next? Your brand is still more than all of this. Hopefully to get to this point, you’ll have had conversations with your designer about your values and your ideal…

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Have a brand that stands out in a crowded field

Last weekend we went camping. We’ve been camping before, never in our own tent – and the past two years we’ve camped as guests in my friends tent with electricity and a kettle and heater (which was amazing! I hadn’t realised you could camp so snazzily) – so this year, we invested in our own…

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The hard work of consistency.

I love consistency. It’s one of my favourite words, I’m always blabbering about how important it is. And it is. Consistency is brilliant because it shows that you are reliable, always the same, always being the thing you say you are – being consistent shows that your business is trustworthy, it helps you to look…

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How to audit your brand all by yourself

From time to time it’s worth taking yourself away from your work and having a think about your brand. Does it still “work”? Is it still serving you? Does it still resonate with your customers? How has it changed? Have you done (or not done) something which isn’t “on brand” and needs fixing?   These…

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Change is not always great… but it can be worth it.


A few weeks ago I picked my kids up from school and nursery. The nursery has recently changed hands and is currently going through changes, the most obvious one being the garden where many trees have been chopped down to make room for a large pirate ship play frame, a mud kitchen and a large…

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I’m not creative enough to create a brand (O yes you are!)

“I’m not creative enough to create a brand” I hear this a lot, but honestly, you are. Yep. Really, Because I bet you’re thinking that a brand is just the visual stuff. The logo and the font choices and the colours. The leaflets and the pretty graphics and the website design and whilst I would…

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You had me at hello: Branding according to Jerry Maguire.

Firstly, I should tell you that I have never seen the film Jerry Maguire, so if any of these references seem a bit off, then that would be why! This post is entirely the responsibility of the lovely Sophie Gist of Hotdesk Business support who inspired this after I unknowingly used the words “help me…

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