Online Christmas Party!

Did you miss the Christmas party? Don’t panic! You can catch up on it right here (it was great).   You will need: tea/ coffee/ mulled wine/ water sweet mince pie/ stollen paper and pen  <<< this is the important one 😉   You can collect all 12 gifts of knowledge, three each from myself,…

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Five minutes with … Robyn Broadrick: Public Speaking

Five minutes with Robyn Broadrick

I am not a big fan of public speaking – are you? I’ve done a bit of it, but I tend to talk too fast and miss things out. I need more practice really. Robyn has no problems with public speaking AT ALL and shares some amazing tips with us during her session, including warm…

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Guest post: Five ways to improve your website’s conversion rate – Jackie Latham, Jackdaw Web Design

So you’ve got your lovely new website and it looks glorious – just what you wanted. It showcases your products or services beautifully, announces to world how fabulous you and your business are, and you’ve spent a fortune on search engine optimisation so it’s sitting proudly at the top of page 1 in Google. But…

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Guest Post: 5 Simple Steps to Complement Your SEO With Responsive Web Design by Chloe Smith

Introduction   The smartphone era is well on its way, this is no shocker. We’ve seen firsthand the rise of various mobile technologies throughout the 2010’s so far. Everyone has at least one smartphone these days, they are a basic part of our life, much like our wallet or car keys. We always check our…

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Guest Post: Language Matters in Marketing and Branding Your Business by Michelle Laurey

Visual elements such as graphics attract the eye and convey meaning much faster than words can. In fact, the popularity of websites such as Instagram demonstrates how the marketing industry increasingly gravitates toward visual messaging.  Although customers often first notice the colours and designs of your content, they can easily get lost if they don’t find some accompanying…

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Guest Post: How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales with brand merchandise by Jason Markwick

If you as a business owner always need to organise conventions, exhibitions, presentations, meetings, conferences, trade shows and other such events, you must know how important promotional gifts are and how they go a long way in order to promote your company. You might not be aware of it, but promotional gifts are your business’s…

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Guest Post: Design & Marketing – Building a Collaborative Team That Scales by Oscar Waterworth

All marketing experts agree that there is no successful marketing campaign without an attractive design. (Tweet this) Still, there are often conflicts between designers and marketers. This is not surprising for several reasons. For starters, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to measure the ROI provided by the design, which is something marketing experts don’t really…

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Guest post: Six Female Entrepreneurs Crushing It In 2017 – Alice Jackson

Not only the silicon valley, but business centers all around the world have been known to be less supportive to female entrepreneurs. But, that did not deter these strong-willed ladies to take the path of entrepreneurship. Yes, they faced hurdles, a lot but giving up was never an option they thought of. It was their…

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Guest Post: Why Mindset is an Essential Part of Any Successful Business by Corinne Kerston


You can write great content, post on social media and market the heck out of your business, but if you’re missing one thing, your business is never going to reach the level of success you want.   What is it?   I’m talking about the right mindset.   You need to believe in your business.…

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Guest Post: Read this when content feels like a fun-sucking chore by Brogan Micallef

your ticket to getting your message out there to those who need it most

Sick of the hamster-wheel-flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to content creation? Trying to juggle ALL THE THINGS… but instead you’ve got balls falling and hitting you in the face?   It doesn’t have to be like this.   CLICK TO TWEET: Sick of the hamster-wheel-flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to content creation?   There’s a simple reason content creation feels like a…

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