Why do you need to love your brand?

People will think, feel and say things about you in relation to your business.

Everything I read and hear about branding is about how important it is to help you attract your ideal client – and it is, that’s the whole point – to build an impression that gets your ideal client thinking, feeling and saying truths about your business because of what you’ve done to instil that in…

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Three steps to an easy brand…

Stop phaffing be intentional

Design doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve realised that quite often, if design isn’t your thing then it’s hard to see the woods for the trees. You’ve got SO MANY things you want to say and you want to do it allinoneplace – I get that – but really you just need to strip it…

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Fill your Vortex and eat your fairy cake too: creating brand awareness.

Don't panic

Right now, I’m reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy with my daughter. We’ve just reached The Restaurant at the End of the Universe  – but two nights ago Zaphod Beeblebrox entered the Total Perspective Vortex and he survived*. Warning. If you don’t know the HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy you might not enjoy this…

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How to step up your brand in 2021

Don't hide your light behind snazzy graphics and buzz words -push the stuff that makes you different into the foreground

Why should you step up your brand in 2021? As my husband said when I announced that I’d be writing about this after dinner – well you wouldn’t want to step back! He’s right. Whatever you’ve achieved with your brand in 2020 the last thing you want to do is step backwards. You brand is…

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A Festival of Lifejoy with Rebecca Williams Dinsdale – build your self confidence.

VIDEO: What goes in to us is as important as what goes out. Dr. Rebecca Williams Dinsdale.

I was thrilled to welcome Dr. Rebecca Williams Dinsdale into my Brand Confidence group as part of her festival of lifejoy! Dr. Rebecca is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Celebrant – most importantly, she is a bringer of lifejoy, which is of course all about bringing joy to your life. She’s had an interesting life…

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Let’s do better. Racism and White Privilege.

Let's do better #BlackLivesMatter

I’ve read, listened and learnt so much this week. I’ve been taking in a lot of information. I am challenged. Are you? I’m sad that it takes the murder of another black person to get this conversation flowing. I’m saddened at many of the things I’ve read. Things written by those who are suffering –…

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Guest Post: 5 Visible Ways To Make Good On Your Branding Promises

You need to prove to people that your identity actually means something.

Your branding is about far more than just slogans and logos. It’s also about the promises (implicit or explicit) that you make about your business, concerning everything from the rates you charge to the flexibility of your operation — and living up to those promises is utterly essential if you want to be taken seriously. Fail, and you’ll be broadly dismissed.

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How to create an effective brand

Branding is the actions taken to create a strong brand

Creating an effective brand is important. You might ask why and it’s a good question, so here’s why I think branding is important – why you should bother. Branding helps your business to stand out. It gives a good impression. It adds value. It helps you get recognised. It creates loyalty. It gives YOU confidence.…

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Don’t sacrifice your brand. Here’s what to do.

Lately we’ve all made sacrifices. I moved my office into my living room on Friday, and whilst I miss the space and my parents whose house I work in – I also feel safer knowing there’s less travel to do, I can help with the homeschooling (although Mr P is way better at this than…

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Why your brand is more important than ever.

Title: That thing that you sell - people need that.

Now is not the time to get complacent. It’s easy to fall behind on your brand right now when the world has gone to pot and who knows what’s around the corner. When you’re homeschooling your kids whilst running a business – with only the summer holidays for practice. When you’re wondering how you’re going…

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