Five minutes with… Gemma Forster: The importance of a strong Call To Action.

Do you have calls to action on your website? You know, those big buttons that say things like contact me, get in touch, buy now, do this, do that! I think most of us do in some way, but possibly – a bit like me – they might be a bit subtle. A bit “if…

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Guest post: Five ways to improve your website’s conversion rate – Jackie Latham, Jackdaw Web Design

So you’ve got your lovely new website and it looks glorious – just what you wanted. It showcases your products or services beautifully, announces to world how fabulous you and your business are, and you’ve spent a fortune on search engine optimisation so it’s sitting proudly at the top of page 1 in Google. But…

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How to tell your story with Lynn Huggins-Cooper

I was contemplating the last eight years of my business (whilst planning the celebrEIGHTions!) and realised that I have a post to write about telling your story! Last month I was fortunate to hear Lynn Huggins-Cooper speak on this topic and it was very inspiring – I knew it would be – so I want…

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Brand for Christmas: C is for Clarity

Over December we’re looking at creating a brand. Your brand. This is what people think about you, not what you want them to think about you. So we are going to work on the branding to help shape your brand. Sign up here. C IS FOR CLARITY Watch the first session all about clarity in…

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Successful branding – how to use your new brand identity

you need to use your brand identity

Creating a brand identity is not – on it’s own – going to help your business to be successful. You have to use it. If you buy a car and then leave it on the drive, then it’s not going to help you get the shopping home, collect your Gran from the hairdressers or be…

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5 Easy Marketing Habits from Michelle Rose, Custard and Bear

Recently, Michelle Rose of Custard and Bear spoke at an Inspire Network meeting about marketing – and it was GREAT. By the time she’d finished we all felt inspired and excited to get going with our marketing as we actually had a plan of Things To Do! Hurrah! If you would like a plan too,…

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Guest Post: Read this when content feels like a fun-sucking chore by Brogan Micallef

your ticket to getting your message out there to those who need it most

Sick of the hamster-wheel-flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to content creation? Trying to juggle ALL THE THINGS… but instead you’ve got balls falling and hitting you in the face?   It doesn’t have to be like this.   CLICK TO TWEET: Sick of the hamster-wheel-flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to content creation?   There’s a simple reason content creation feels like a…

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Five top tips for writing that catches your attention and leaves you Wordstruck

Banish the blank page

I was very lucky this morning to hear the amazing Michelle Nicol, a Freelance Writer at Wordstruck Writing and Training share her five top tips for writing anything with The Inspire Network. Michelle is a freelance writer, trainer and tone of voice consultant who helps businesses tell their story through words that attract attention. She’s a…

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How to tackle your business weeds and fall back in love with your business

Cut things back

Recently we “discovered” our garden – an overgrown space which until about a month ago was unused, unloved and unappreciated. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but suddenly we decided to do something about it, a gardener made it something we could cope with (by cutting down trees and giving the left over ones a major…

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Why it’s a good idea to start talking about your business before you’re ready.

Why you just start talking about your business before you're ready

When I start working with a new client I always ask them if they are OK for me to talk about the project on social media. With established businesses this isn’t usually a problem, for pre-starts – they aren’t always so keen. Sometimes this is to do with a contract from their previous place of…

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