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Do you ever wish that your business looked more consistent? Other people manage it, their brands look soooo good, but you just can't pull it off.

I understand your struggles with consistency. I know because I help business owners with this dilemma ALL the time.


You worry that your business isn't coming across very well.


You aren't attracting the right sort of clients.


You want to stand out.. but you don't. Not for the right reasons anyway.

You feel that your branding is messy.. higgledy piggledy.. hodge podge.. just not cutting it.


You already have a logo but you don't feel you have a brand.


You're using what you have but you're frustrated because it doesn't look "right".


You aren't sure which colours and fonts are right for your business. You guess a lot of the time.


You feel ashamed of how your business looks.


It's time to sort this out.

It's easy to be consistent. Honest. 

There's a little hard work up front, but once that's done - in six weeks including time off over Christmas - that's it - and then being consistent with your brand visuals takes no time at all.

So how's it done?

Here's the secret. Are you ready?

You make decisions. You write them down. You stick to them.

That's it. Easy.

I know that getting to that point on your own isn't always as easy. Which is why I've created Climb to Consistency.

"Amy really challenged me into thinking about my values and how these needed to link with my branding. No idea how she did it, but Amy managed to drag out of head what I envisaged for my business and encapsulated it perfectly in the Petmitts branding - she has made it come alive. Thank you!"

Hilary Snowdon, Petmitts

What is climb to consistency?

It's a small group programme to help you reach the dizzy heights of consistency. That place where your business looks AMAZING, everything matches and you don't have to worry about how it all ties together. Where you feel that you've got it right and your business looks professional. You're not guessing anymore.

How does it work?

Climb to Consistency is delivered over two months through weekly live group calls, videos and workbooks, as well as daily accountability and support in the Facebook group.

The live group sessions will be a small group of no more than five where everyone has a chance to speak, share and ask questions. I will be available in the Facebook group to support you, share anything that is relevant to you as you work through the programme and to hold you accountable so that you meet your goal.

We are starting with one session this month so that over Christmas - even though you'll be busy with family, food and fun - your brain will be working away to help you create your brand strategy. This part is crucial. Without this it doesn't matter how consistent you are, you won't be communicating the right message to the right people. This is the clarity you need to make being consistent a doddle.


Once the programme is over, you will have access to a playlist of all videos and group calls as well as the workbooks. The Facebook group will be open for the duration of the programme plus four weeks for implementation and catch up time - and to review your progress once those four weeks are up to ensure you're on track. 

"Amy offers an amazing service...  she helps you realise your brand, builds your confidence and nurtures you as you grow from seed to a plant – with great roots that anchor your business from the start."

Hannah Hubb, Pop & Flo

We are going to spend this time together getting focused on what your brand is all about. Your values, personality and ideal client as well as your future plans, what really matters to you and how you want people to feel. We'll create a one page strategy document which will be your guide to consistency as we look at the visuals. 

Then we'll look at colour, fonts, brand elements - illustrations, icons, symbols and pattern - and use these to create a style guide which will help you to BE consistent with your brand visuals

And THEN we'll create templates so that your brand IS consistent. Easily. Over and over again.

This will mean that you have consistency nailed, it won't eat into your time anymore trying to create consistent graphics and you won't be embarrassed by how messy your business looks.


This is about supporting you to take action within your business to become consistent - it's not about MORE information. You don't wanna be inundated with theory and detail that isn't relevant, you just need a helping hand to guide you with the RIGHT information so that you can implement consistency into your business quickly.

You will walk away at the end of January with..

  • a one page brand strategy

  • your very own style guide and brand image based on your strategy (ie. a STRONG visual identity)

  • templates to help you keep that consistency going.



You'll be ATTRACTING the right people to work with YOU.

You'll STAND OUT from your competition to make it easy for those ideal clients to self select YOU.

You'll be PROUD of how your business looks.

You'll have a brand that feels TOGETHER.

You'll have brand SYSTEM - more than just your logo. And you'll have that STRATEGY too so you'll know what you're aiming for.

You'll feel that your brand looks "RIGHT".

You'll have a style guide. No more guess work. You'll know EXACTLY which colours and fonts to use. This will save you oodles of time.

You'll know that your business comes across the RIGHT WAY.

Won't that feel good? 🙂

Ready to climb to consistency?

There are VERY limited spaces for this as I want to be able to give you as much time and attention as you need working in a group of no more than five.

Save your space today for just £99 and join the pop-up group right away to share your consistency struggles and access support before the programme starts.

I'm Amy and branding is my thing. I’ve been doing it forever (well since 2007 anyway).

By ‘it’, I mean designing logos, brand systems, illustration, print work and websites (fuelled mainly by tea and chocolate).

Over time, I’ve come to realise, that not everyone finds branding easy.  In fact, lots of business owners feel a bit lost in the woods with it all. 

I love, love, LOVE helping business owners (like you) to create a pioneering brand that you can be proud of.  (And that your ideal customers/clients will love and connect with too!