Today, grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and take a look at the 'For any woman' Christmas edition below which Datsa Gaile has kindly contributed to the Advent Calendar. You can read:

- an interview with the actress and film director Karen Bryson

- Hair tips to dress your hair in festive styles

- an interview with Kim Alexis - a crystal healer, spiritual medium, past life regressionist and hypnotherapist

- Christmas secrets for how to take the stress out of the holidays

- Christmas cake ideas

- What is your perfect colour for Christmas?

- an interview with Monika Ludwiczak, co-founder of the Sleek Brows

- an interview with Margarita Belska, founder of the AWARDS beauty school in London

- about Christmas away in romantic Vienna

- the top 5 holiday destinations for Christmas

- the top 5 Christmas greetings for your family and friends

Read more about For Any Woman below the magazine.

This is a new online project «For Any Woman» which will focus on real women and real stories.

The idea of this project is to keep life as real as possible and on a positive note. We will be writing positive stories about real women’s beauty, health and wellness, career and kids, family and lifestyle, spicy and sexy stories, fashion and many other useful subjects. There will be a modelling part and you will see that you don’t have to be tall and slim and young to model, time after time you will be able to take a part in competition to win a professional makeover and photo-shoots by our professional team. Also, we will be working with different beauticians to make sure we can give you some fantastic treatments time after time.

Women Empowerment: It’s High Time We Do Our Share With women empowerment in mind, For Any Woman online magazine will be launching its website on Monday 15th of July 2013. As its name implies, For Any Woman’s advocacy will focus on concerns and issues of being a woman in the 21st century. The website will highlight provocative and real stories of real women living in UK and different parts of the world. About For Any Woman On-line Magazine It is very encouraging to know that when For Any Woman’s Facebook fanpage started on 5th June 2013, it has immediately attracted more than 360 followers barely a week after it was created! The magazine believes that all women are unique and beautiful and deserve to be well taken care of regardless of her roots and status. Now, if you will ask what is so different about For Any Woman that should get you hooked with; then, prepare to be taken for a wild ride as the site will not only tackle mundane issues on women as other sites do, it will also feature the subtly avoided issue about women’s sexuality; as such, expect to read some really spicy stories coming from personal experiences of women around the globe. The website holds on to its belief that women should not be subservient to the world’s treatment or opinion about who they should be or what they should become, but rather, women should boldly make a stand anent subtle issues with huge impact on their lives.

«It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.» This is one of Ophra Winfrey’s most memorable quotes, no. 13th on Forbes’ list of most powerful women in the world for 2013. Here, now, is what For Any Woman’s online magazine wants to emphasize in every woman on its website by promoting 100 percent women’s beauty, health & well-being, uniqueness, and career. In doing so, the online magazine will prioritize its women readers/members above all. It will highlight women’s diverse and success stories on career and family life as well as show the thriving empowerment of women all over the world. And to sprinkle women with even more positive audacity, many will be given a chance to be featured as run way models to break away from the stereotype looks of young and skinny models. As if it were not enough, For Any Woman will, from time to time, give winners from various friendly competitions pampering treats like professional makeovers, treatments, and photo-shoots which will be carefully provided by its own team of experts.

This creative website/online magazine for real women empowerment is borne out of the idea of its founder and editor, Ms. Datsa Gaile, a professional who manages a news agency and a graduate of BA of Business Studies at the University of Northampton in England. She is also a single-mother with two grown-up sons.

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