Did you know that people who write down their goals are over 80% more likely to achieve them?

Get organised and set goals for the year ahead with the Goal Setting Planner, starting January 2016

£30 with free postage to the UK, £3 for postage to anywhere else.

This is a great tool for focussing my (slightly panicked) thoughts! I'm really impressed with the content and it's a really thought provoking planner. I really like the language, so positive and encouraging.  I like how the questions in the planner are focussed around doing things differently next time. I also like that it encourages choosing rewards; I can be very hard on myself so this reminds me to celebrate the small milestones along the way. The design is fantastic by the way, I liked the encouraging little call outs and tips!

- Angela, There and back again a mother's tale.

£30 with free postage to the UK, £3 for postage to anywhere else.

Would you rather have the planner to print out yourself?

I thought about this and rather than offering the planner as it is I decided that I'd rather offer you one months membership to the Goal Setting Collective. So for £9.99 you can have one months access to the Goal Setting Collective where you can download and print off your planner, access to the other resources available and also access to the private Facebook group where you can talk all things goal setting and get a bit of help. There's no membership to cancel, this is just for one month. After that, you'll have your planner and you can go on your merry way to make 2016 your best ever - or you can always join the Goal Setting Collective as a full member and receive your free wallplanner and monthly postcards.

Click the link below for one months access which will mean you can print out your own planner.