Goal Setting Printed Planner

 Get organised and set goals for 2015 with  the Goal Setting Planner

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124 printed pages
Wire bound
2014 review
Questions to help you think
What do you want in 2015?
Goal steps planning
Long term goals
Goal Tracking

Goal reminder sheet
Goal rewards
Monthly planning
Monthly reviews
Quarterly reviews
2015 review
2016 planning
Keep on track emails

This is a great tool for focussing my (slightly panicked) thoughts! I'm really impressed with the content and it's a really thought provoking planner. The social media tracking is so simple but effective, the postcards for goals are a really good idea too.

I really like the language, so positive and encouraging, with the wall planner, postcards and group it gives a really supportive feel to the collective! The group sounds really handy, I tend to be driven by the energy of others. I like how the questions in the planner are focussed around doing things differently next time.

I love the idea of linking in tutorials and learning. I also like that it encourages choosing rewards; I can be very hard on myself so this reminds me to celebrate the small milestones along the way. The design is fantastic by the way, I liked the encouraging little call outs and tips!

Angela, There and back again a mother's tale.
You can join the Goal Setting Collective here to get the planner in digital format, a free wall planner, a supportive community and accountability to actually keep the goals you write down!