Do you need to get really clear on your brand?

Maybe you need to get to grips with your brand so that you can work on it yourself, or perhaps you want to get a really thorough overview of your brand so that you can look into how to develop your existing brand moving forward or ask someone else to create imagery for you - or maybe you're just looking for some clarity on what your brand is.

When I speak with new clients we go through a process where I ask them loads of questions to help them (and me) get really clear on their brand. I ask questions like "What's your vision?", "What are your values?", "What do you want to be known for?" This is a really worthwhile exercise and can be really eye opening for my clients, making them think about their business and focus on what their brand really IS.

I've decided that I'd like to open these Insight sessions up to you too. The session will be really exciting and you'll end up with a beautiful Brand Insight document that you can use yourself to ensure the effectiveness of your brand by giving you a clear reference guide for not only what you're all about, but also ideas for communicating that visually and through each touchpoint of your business.

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brand insight- An hour-ish call to go over all the questions on Skype, Facebook, Zoom or even just the good old 'phone. If you're local we can meet up and eat cake.

- A beautiful Brand Insight Document to keep by your side so you don't forget to be consistent with your brand

- All the content in a word document for easy copy and pasting

THE INVESTMENT - only £175 (around $288 USD)

Click here to purchase your Brand Insight session.