Is your business a Flamingo or a Goose?

Last Thursday my daughter turned two. We took her to the Washington Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust to see the birds, because she loves birds. I thought she’d love the Flamingos in particular because they are pink (she likes pink), but they were really boring. They just stood about looking prawn-coloured and hauty, not living up to our expectations. They weren’t coming to see us or to sing happy birthday to our little girl, and actually she would have had a job seeing them in the first place as the grass bank sloped upwards. The Hawaiian Geese were much more interesting, eating out of our hands and following us about, very friendly with really interesting feathers. They were worth going for alone.

Is your business a Flamingo or a Goose?
Does your business look interesting but fail to deliver? Or is your business attractive (but not in a garish way), friendly and worth talking about later? Is your business a disappointment or a breath of fresh air? Do people recommend you or recommend against you? (OK, the Flamingos weren’t THAT bad!) My job is to ensure that a business looks fantastic, to create materials which effectively communicate the message and values of the business whilst appealing to the target audience. I can’t make the business fantastic, that’s out of my hands*.

If you have beautiful communication materials, what are you doing to make sure that your business is just as fantastic as they are?

*I’ve not felt that a client wasn’t up to scratch yet.

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