Feel good about your brand.

5 steps to create your own brand identity. Easily.

Does your brand need some help? This is the solution!

Love Your Brand is a 5 part programme to help you do just that.


By the end of the programme you will have:

- knowledge of what your brand is and how to communicate that within your business -

- a logo -

- brand elements - pattern, illustrations, symbols, icons -

- a brand style sheet -

- materials which you've designed yourself which look  amaaaaazing -

- the ability to make more of these anytime you like! -

It's delivered in five sessions over 11 weeks (two weeks per session to work on your brand with a catch up week in the middle) and then five weeks following with live Q+A so you can catch up, ask questions and ensure you're not left behind. This is a DIY programme, but you are taken through it step by step and you do have 60 minutes of my one to one time which you can use to polish up your designs or to access specific help with your project. Use me 🙂 I'm also around a lot in the group to ask questions, run things past and gain clarity.

Further details will be released in early September - but before then you can enter the giveaway to win a place on the programme. Enter below. 

privacy You'll also receive additional regular-ish emails with videos, information and offers to help you to grow your brand.

The winner will be announced on the 4th September