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We've already been through three of the Mini Brand Adventure sessions which have been amaaaazing. When you sign up you'll get all of the links to watch the sessions AND the three workbooks to download and use whenever you're ready. Hurrah!


All of the sessions and the Masterclass are available on one page to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for 🙂


We've covered..

who you are - your values and personality

Who they are - who is your ideal client?

Connection - how can you connect MORE with your ideal client?


During the Masterclass I tied the Mini Brand Adventure Sessions together. We covered your touch points, consistency and your brand plan.


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By the way, the Brand Success Club is OPEN - but only until 27 November. This is your place to BUILD, GROW and SHOW-OFF your brand. I'd love YOU to come and join us in there 😉 It's only £20 per month so it's the most cost effective way to work with me, access trainings and feedback and up your BRAND BRAVERY!


Amy Purdie is the founder of Whiteacres (where you are now) she can help your business become irresistible to your ideal clients so that they can’t wait to work with you.

Amy has been enjoying designing logos, brand identities, illustration, print work and websites – since 2007 fuelled mainly by tea and chocolate.


You are an entrepreneur with a passion and you just need a bit of help to show the world what you do in a way that makes sense to your audience and creates connections with them.

You probably like cake too. And tea. And you LOVE working on your business to help it become better and better.