Does Snapchat make you feel old and confused?

It seems like everyone’s going on about Snapchat doesn’t it? Gary Vee says it’s the next big thing and you don’t have to be 13 to use it. At Social Media Marketing World there was a huge focus on Snapchat – and as 2016 is the year of live streaming and you can share a 10 second video on Snapchat, that makes it a pretty useful tool to share your content quickly. But you’ve downloaded it (or maybe you’ve not got ’round to that yet) and it’s just CONFUSING. How on EARTH do you do anything with it?! It’s just not all that intuitive is it? Not to worry – this is your chance to discover how to use Snapchat in just under 10 minutes.


This video is the basics of Snapchat – made in Snapchat – so you can see exactly the kind of things you can do and get a sense for how easy and fun it is! Snapchat isn’t about sending dodgy pictures and sharing videos of you and your friends playing computer games – it’s a great place to learn and interact with people who know their stuff, share about your business and give people a behind the scenes tour of your life. 


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