LOGO DESIGN - the starting point for your brand.

This is a great option if you want a logo that you can pop anywhere and use for anything. Your logo will be the starting point of your business image, it will encompass what you're all about and be something recognisable for your audience to remember you by.

  • Consultation (by phone, in person, email, Zoom - you don't need to be in the same country)
  • Concept Creation - 2 ideas to choose from and discuss
  • Your logo in various colourways as suitable for print and web use
  • Your logo supplied as png, jpeg and pdf
  • Your profile image for Facebook and Twitter
  • A style sheet so you know which colours and fonts to use



Payment options  2 x £300  / 3 x £205 / 4 x £155
First payment required prior to work beginning. Payments collected monthly by Direct Debit. 
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Amy is a creative master of her craft, from the very first meeting about the concepts for my logo she strove to get to know my very core so she could come up with designs which would say everything about my personality before you met me. Amy took steps to immerse herself in my world to make the logo as brilliant and unique as absolutely possible. At every stage the consultation was a delight. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough for her graphic design work and when you tie that in with the fact that she is utterly delightful to deal with, quirky, warm and always thoroughly cheerful it makes the process of business an absolute joy and pleasure.

- Mandy, Mandy Charlton Photographer

What else can I help you with?

Amy is one of the best designers I've come across, her work ethics are superb, the quality of her work is fantastic. I can guarantee Amy will certainly over deliver on every project. I'm a very happy customer and would recommend Amy and Whiteacres design to anyone. Thanks Amy.

- Paul, Wakefield Group