When you start a business it's important to make sure that people can see that you care about it, that you take it seriously. A logo is the first step to gaining a professional image that will stick in peoples minds, that will ensure that you look ready for business and to give you the edge in your new business. It's reeeeally exciting starting a new business, and working on your business image is a great way to help it seem even more real and get you (and others!) even more enthused about what you're doing.

I'd love to help you out at this very exciting first stage of your business journey.

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These options are ONLY available to those in pre-start or within the first six months of their business. If this is not you, then please click here.


During the first year of your business you might find that your business changes and your shiny new logo or brand isn't quite as good a fit as it was. Maybe you find that you're actually catering to an entirely different market or that your offering has changed or that the things you thought were the case... weren't.

A year after you've had your logo created (above) you'll be offered a check in session - this is free so you may as well take it as who knows what handy tips you might pick up! During this session we will evaluate how your business has changed and see if there are any changes needing to be made to your existing brand to tweak it a little bit to make it work harder for you.

If at any time within the first 18 months of your business you feel that changes are needed for whatever reason, you can benefit from a reduced cost "check in" changes fee. Chatting about it costs nothing.

Payment plans are also available spread up to 6 months. Click here to ask about them.

*deposits are non-refundable. Once you've paid we'll be in touch to find out all about your business and schedule your project in.

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Amy is a creative master of her craft, from the very first meeting about the concepts for my logo she strove to get to know my very core so she could come up with designs which would say everything about my personality before you met me. Amy took steps to immerse herself in my world to make the logo as brilliant and unique as absolutely possible. At every stage the consultation was a delight. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough for her graphic design work and when you tie that in with the fact that she is utterly delightful to deal with, quirky, warm and always thoroughly cheerful it makes the process of business an absolute joy and pleasure.

- Mandy, Mandy Charlton Photographer

Amy is one of the best designers I've come across, her work ethics are superb, the quality of her work is fantastic. I can guarantee Amy will certainly over deliver on every project. I'm a very happy customer and would recommend Amy and Whiteacres design to anyone. Thanks Amy.

- Paul, Wakefield Group