WHY BOTHER? Design makes money.

This is the first in a series of posts entitled “WHY BOTHER?” – covering why you should bother with branding and design in your business. 

Design makes money.

If you had to choose between a business that looked fairly ugly and one that looked super professional, which would you go for? You’d want the one that looks polished and like the business knows what it’s doing wouldn’t you?

Having a brand that stands out is going to help your business to stand out. Lets face it there are probably a LOT of businesses offering the same as you. I know for branding there are LOADS, so how are you going to differentiate? Bearing in mind that first impressions are incredibly important – people make judgements within seconds – it’s crucial to make sure that the first impression that you give is absolutely perfect. “Design allows you to stoke consumer lust—and demand higher prices as a result” – looking fantastic and being more desirable means you can charge more money for what you do. Design makes you more money.

The Design Council Factfinder report stated that “every £100 a design alert business spends on design increases turnover by £225” which goes to show that investing in design more than doubles your return. It’s worth it. Design makes you more money than you spend.

Why is this? It’s because if you invest in design then you will be taking your business on a journey to answer questions so that everything you have for your business is delivering the right message to the right people in the right way. You’ll be targeting your ideal clients in a way that really appeals to them and clearly communicates what you do – so they’ll want to spend their money with you because they’ll see that you are exactly what they need. You will be the best there is on offer. This means that not only will you be attracting more of the right people that you really want to work with or sell to, but you’ll be able to increase your prices because clearly you’re a perfect fit for them.

Watch this video from the Design Council for more about the value of design:

The Value of Design from Design Council on Vimeo.

The Design Council has been working with the Arts & Humanities Research Council to measure the value that design thinking brings to small businesses.

What we found is that design thinking does so much more than just make products look nicer or work better, it improves the way a business operates.

Our research found that not only can design thinking increase the range of products a business develops, but it can also lead to more inspiring workplaces, happier staff, better service and, as a result, greater customer satisfaction.

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