Who are you?

You are an entrepreneur or one of a business partnership and your business is going fairly well but you feel that it could do better. You offer a great product or service that your clients really benefit from but your business image doesn't resonate with your values or give the right impression. Your business may have changed direction, have a new direction to go in, or grown out of the image that you already have. Your product or service isn't given the justice it deserves because your business doesn't look as good as it really is. You might even feel embarrassed about handing out your business cards or directing people to your website. People may even tell you that your product or service is far superior to the impression they get. 

Your issues, struggles and obstacles

You love your business and you know it's what you want to do and that it delivers results. Your clients love what you do for them, however, you know that you are losing business because your product or service doesn't give the right impression. Your competitors have a better image than you so you have to work harder to convince people that your business really is wonderful. You have a lack of confidence because your business image doesn't match what you do and who you are. This makes a negative impact on the number of prospects who commit to your product/service.

You may feel that your business image is bland, lacks personality, is generic, doesn't stand out well or is just disjointed or mismatched. You know that it's time to fix this but you're not sure how.

What you need most right now

Your business needs some oomph! You need to spend some time working out what exactly it is that you offer to your clients, what your values and brand personality are and what it is that you do really well. This will help you to feel motivated and excited about your business again. Then you can use this information to craft a brand that is authentic, effective and attractive.

A brand that communicates who you are and what you do at every touchpoint.

A brand that you really resonate with, that makes you feel proud, that gives you confidence and that ensures that your offering is shown as it should be - in the best possible light, doing justice to how good it really is.

This will help people to understand what you do, realise that you are professional, see that you are getting results and discover that your business is exactly what they need.

Did this resonate with you?

There's no reason that your business shouldn't look fabulous, attract clients, create the right, authentic impression of your business, do justice to your offering and make you feel confident to hand out your business cards and send people to your website!

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